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Job Sharing

How It Works

You and another person share the responsibilities of one position.Some job-sharers split up each day,overlapping at lunch:others split up the week.Some work three days each in order to have more overlape.You and your job-sharer do not have to work the same number of hours.One could come in two days a week,for instance,while the other is on the job for three days.Depending on the position, you either divide up duties or do roughly the same tasks.The division of labor is more straight forward with certain jobs,like receptionist,bank teller,or retail clerk.It may be more challenging for someone who has ongoing contact with a limited number of customers or clients.



.Having more time outside work for your family ( or education,starting a business,a hobby,etc. )

.Having someone to share ideas,responsibilities.

.Having someone to take over in an emergency.


.Having to find a partner.

.Possibly not liking how the partner completes what you've started.

.Having to share credit that rightfully belongs to you.

.Having less pay,possibly losing benefits.

.Possibly being on a slower promotional track.

What You Need to Demonstrate

.How the work will get done.

How you and your job-sharer will communicate.

How job-sharer will handle partner's sick days.

What will happen if one job-sharer wants to go full-time.

How job-sharers work will be evaluated. ( what if one's performance is average,the othe excellent?

What You Need to Negotiate

.Pay ( same hourly rate ).

.Benefits ( full benefits,or the same benefits full-timers receive prorated,or some benefits at the full rate ).

.Division of labor.

.How to evaluate performance of each job-sharer,as well as the overall accomplishments of the team.

.Impact on your future with the company.

Bargaining Points

Job-sharing means two employees bring creativity to the job and can exchange ideas for continuous improvement.

.The employer should have little,if any,additional expense.

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