We can win the job/family challenge

Recently, I asked a group of women workers what words they associate with the phrase "job and family." You know their responses: "dilemma," "conflict," "balancing act," "juggle," "stress"-- and, of course,"guilt." Some tention between job and family responsibilities is inevitable.But we could reduce the problems enormously with solutions that have already been proven to work.

Most people would love to have someone home full time to take care of the details of daily life.In reality,few people will.But we can get relief--- by changing the way business thus business,by winning more public support for families, and by having those who share the house share the work.That will take initiatives by business leaders,by employee groups,by elected officials, and by each of us individually.

To win the job/family chalange, we have to have flexibility at work and access to quality dependent care--- and the ability to afford ... Read more »

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